What can be the results of using clove for acne treatment?

If you are suffering from annoying acne, it is the time to say goodbye to the most uncomfortable condition. For a majority of people, acne is a headache. But for teenagers, this is a very common condition to have. Are you curious to know more about this, read on?

Acne and Its Impact On The Skin

To cure acne you need to understand the causes of this infection first. Why? Because knowing about anything will give you the benefits only. As you all know that acne is very common which is caused by dirt, pollution and dead skin cells. You can also get acne if you do not wash your face clearly, using certain types of beauty products and certain types of medical condition.

Eating unhealthy foods are another reason to get clove oil for acneacne but the point is why? Why have anyone to face this situation right? There are four main factors behind this formation and that is excessive oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and clogged pores (your skin has tiny holes which are called pores). Fortunately, this is a treatable condition and you can take various treatment methods to cure this disease.

There are plenty of commercial and over the counter treatment methods available which you can use to cure acne. According to the people who used these methods says that this will not effective, do you know why? Because these products contain certain types of a chemical compound which can cause other face related problems.

But using natural solution or treatment which is made from natural ingredients can give you benefits. There are so many ingredients but the best ingredient which can do the magic is clove. Clove is one of the best ways to clear a pimple effectively. Want to know how to read on.

Clove For Acne Treatment

Clove is an effective Ayurvedic remedy that has been used to cure not only acne but also many other woes. This is delivered fro the dried aromatic flower of clove plant. Yes, I know that this is not something that everyone wants to try it. Because the basic nature of clove is hot and that can burn your skin. But trust me this is the best thing which you can use to cure acne. You can’t overlook its benefits; it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which make this an ideal remedy for acne.

Reduce-PimplesYou can use its powder or oil to cure your disease. it is treatable and you can use so many natural ingredients to cure this. By using this you can not only prevent acne but also acne scars. Studies show that clove can reduce swelling, redness and itching. You might have seen that many anti-acne products contain clove in it. This is the proof that this is the perfect cure for acne.

To cure this you can use its powder and oil which is easily available in the market. There are some methods to use this which you have to follow if you want to get rid of acne. It has analgesic and antiseptic properties which fight against the bacteria which causes skin infection. If you are tired of using other products, using clove oil or powder is a worth.

Methods Of Using Clove Oil For Acne

This ingredient does not only kill the skin impurities and a bacterium which causes acne but also reduces the pain which is associated with this. Mentioned below are some points which can help you to understand the method of using clove for acne.Clove oil in a bottle close-up on the table, rustic

  1. Use always diluted oil because using this alone can give you side effects. It is very strong in nature and causes burning sensation when applied to the skin.
  2. Before applying on your skin, patch test is a must. If you do, you will know that using this going to harm you or not.
  3. After the application tries to wash it off as fast as possible because leaving it for too long can burn your skin.

You Can Use This Oil With Other Essential Oils

1. Clove oil with olive oil Olive oil is very effective oil that can cure lots of health issues. Mix both the oil well and apply directly to the affected area of the skin.

2. Clove oil with coconut oil Coconut oil is the best oil which has healing properties. So if you add this oil with clove oil you can get soothing effect also.

So these are some points which prove clove oil for acne is not a bad idea. You can use this but under moderation. If you take care while using this you will only get positive results. This is the best treatment option to cure acne. But try to consult with your doctor before using.

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