How turmeric impacts cholesterol levels?

choloestrol sourcesIf you will search the most common health disease that is affecting millions of people all around the world, you will find high cholesterol on the top number. High cholesterol level in the body is the most common health problem among the people. Is there any method to reduce the level of high cholesterol in your body? Is there any natural remedy that can help in this problem? If you want to know the natural treatment option for managing the high cholesterol level in the body, read this article. Today we have come with an astonishing home remedy for your high cholesterol problem.

Do you know the reasons of raising the cholesterol level in your body? High cholesterol level is a disorder that occurs when cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels of your body and obstruct blood flow through veins and arteries. This can also result in high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke. In most of the cases, high cholesterol problem is caused by obesity, consumption of high-fat foods, diabetes and having a strong history of the family member with high cholesterol.

choloestrolHowever, high cholesterol level in the body can easily be managed by reducing the excess weight, consuming a healthy diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Medications are also available to manage the high cholesterol level in the body but the problem with the medication is that there are various side effects associated with them and that’s why people now switch to non-toxic natural remedies to control the high cholesterol level in the body. Some natural ingredients can also help in managing the high cholesterol level in the body. The astonishing remedy which I was talking about is turmeric for cholesterol problem.

Turmeric For Cholesterol

Turmeric-Reduce-High-CholesterolTurmeric for cholesterol is one of the effective remedies which can surely control the cholesterol level in the body. Turmeric has been using since a long time for cooking as well as for various medicinal purposes. Recent studies have found that turmeric for cholesterol has a great impact. The active component of turmeric known as curcumin helps in preventing the high cholesterol level in the body and also reduces its levels efficiently in people with serious hypercholesterolemia.

Turmeric prevents oxidation in the cholesterol -: There are mainly two types of cholesterol- good and bad. HDL or high-density lipoprotein is known as good cholesterol whereas LDL or low-density lipoprotein is known as bad cholesterol. Well, cholesterol in the body whether extra or not in terms of quantities, is required to be transported to the tissues. LDL cholesterol present in the blood sugar level reacts with oxygen dissolved in the blood and gets oxidized.

turmeric.2Turmeric has the ability to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body and also prevent atherosclerosis effectively that ultimately protects you from heart diseases resulting from high cholesterol.

Increases the metabolism of cholesterol level in the liver -: Curcumin found in turmeric helps in metabolizing of extra free cholesterol in the body. Turmeric actually increases the uptake of this fat in the liver cells so that it will not circulate the blood causing high cholesterol problem or other health disorders.

Anti-platelet benefits -: The anti-platelet benefits of turmeric for cholesterol are beneficial for the patients with atherosclerosis. Curcumin helps to increase the cholesterol levels in feces and increase the bile acids in both hyper-cholesteraemic and normal rats. This explanation is simply the reasons of reduction in levels of tissue cholesterol. Curcumin is able to maintain liver and body weights that can lead to high cholesterol level in your body.

lower-cholesterol-naturallyNow, you might have understood that turmeric for cholesterol is one of the effective remedies that can surely give you good results. It will control the high cholesterol level in your body. For edible uses, you can add turmeric to curry and other food items to provide color, aroma as well as flavor. Turmeric can also be taken as a raw powder in the amount of 400-600 mg, thrice a day. Taking a good quality of turmeric powder regularly as a part of the diet is the best method to get its benefits.

There are no much side effects of turmeric found. So, you can easily trust on this natural remedy. A healthy cholesterol helps in a healthy heart and healthy immune system. So, manage your high cholesterol level with the help of turmeric and live a longer life.


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