Everything You Need to Know About Blisters Caused by Poison Ivy

If you like to spend time outside somewhere at field or its vicinity then you have probably encountered some of the harmful creatures such as snakes, wolves, spiders or Scorpion but you may have hardly noticed some of the sadistic plants or shrubs that are as poisonous as any other venomous animals. Yes it is true that there are myriad of plants and shrubs present in the nature that are peculiarly designed to harm human as well as other animals. Poison ivy is one of those plants that can harm human as well as other animals.

As it name suggest it is a poisonous plant for your skin and once you come in contact with it, it can give you many restless days and sleepless nights and you may find it hard to get away of it. The best way you can keep yourself safe from poison ivy plant is by being inquisitive. You should have the knowledge about poison ivy plant so that you could prevent yourself from touching it or else it will have poisonous effect on your skin.

Poison ivy is a North American and Asian flowering plant and it can be found anywhere, from a deep wood to the backyard of your own home but it is very easy to identify this flowering plant as the leaves of this plant can be vary in color from light green to dark green and even bright red in fall depending on how old the plant is and seasons but it’s one trail is permanent and that is its leaf. It’s each and every leaf has three leaflets and its surface is smooth. It doesn’t contain thorns in its leaves but it has a sharp weapon in form of urushiol.

urushiol for blistersUrushiol is a compound and its main work is to retain the water that the poison ivy absorbs from beneath the earth. Most of the people think that c is a protective layer of poison ivy but it is a misconception only, poison ivy leaves are being eaten by some of the animals such as dear and beer. Urushiol is the only reason why it is harmful for humans. According to a study almost 70 percent of the world population is sensitive to poison ivy. It is a big amount but fortunately this plant is not found across the globe but some specific area such as North America. If you come in contact with poison ivy it will not give you instant symptoms. Till then you come to know that you have been affected with poison ivy it would have been already late.

After being affected by poison ivy’s urushiol it will start giving you hard times and can deteriorate your skin consitioonb and may cause symptoms such as itching, burning sensation, pain, inflammation and blisters. Blisters are one of the filthiest formations of your skin that are not pleasant to look at. Although poison ivy’s plant it is highly contagious. Once you come in contact with its urushiol it will not leave you easily. It will start manifesting onerous symptoms. That may not leave you for at least three weeks or so depending on your condition. But when it comes to its blisters, those blisters are not contagious.

Poison ivy blisters may be filled up with fluids. These fluids is not contagious, but keep in mind that urushiol should not be present at blisters or skin. Otherwise it will infect you as well. If you have blisters on your skin then try avoiding abrasions of the skin. Else, it will start deteriorating your skin condition as poison ivy blisters could be harsh on your skin. It takes lots of care to take care of it. If the abrasions are hard and severe then it may result in severe lesions and it will start secreting fluids out of your blisters and can cause immense pain and even it will take longer time to heal.

You should strive yourself towards achieving the better healing process of poison ivy blisters. Or these minuscule but powerful blisters will leave no stone unturned in order to pester you. Poison ivy blisters can be sinister. It can be very hard to extirpate it out of your body. If it left untreated, it would be sagacious decision for you to do your best efforts in order to disparage. It will start infiltrating other skin parts as well. There are many remedies that you can use in order to cure yourself of its blisters.

Home remedies for the treatment of Blisters Caused by Poison Ivy


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help protect your skin from infection. apple cider vinegar for blistersApple cider vinegar’s toxin-pulling property can help pull out toxins from the pores and blisters and can help maintain better management of blisters. Baking soda can work miraculously in order to dry out the lesions formed by poison ivy infection. It is one of the best drying agents of all time. It is inferred that it can help dry out any lesion within an hour or two; therefore using baking soda as drying agent could be sagacious decision for you.

Aloe Vera

aleo vera gel for blistersAloe vera gel is the king of all home remedies as it has been accepted worldwide to treat any kind of skin related issues. It can help better management of your skin. Aloe Vera has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as antiviral properties. It is one of the best natural skin moisturiser of all time. Aloe Vera can help moisturise your skin which will pave the way for a healthier skin. If you are finding a deterrent solution of poison ivy or any other disease and infection then you should go in the shelter of Mother Nature. It has that everything which is essential to fight myriad of diseases. Poison ivy blisters are minuscule in look. But it can give you many sleepless nights. Therefore going for deterrent solution is necessity for this infection and you should manage your skin condition accordingly.

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