Common Women’s Health Related Issues

Common Women’s Health Related Issues

We are living in a world where innumerable health related complications are strongly associated with us. The fact we need to admit that any disease can affect any person at any age. Some of those diseases are complicated and are not easy to treat whereas some can be easily prevented by even home remedies. Some of those diseases are very prone to male whereas as some of the diseases are prone to female.

women diseasesThough some diseases can only get a woman but not man. Women are very prone to develop sexually transmitted infection than man because women are the host when they make sexual relation. Sexually transmitted infection typically spread from one person to another by sexual intercourse. However, this doesn’t mean that a male person can’t receive sexually transmitted infection. A male person can also get STD but the chances are lesser than a woman. The top 5 health complications associated with woman.

Breast cancer 

You can consider breast cancer as one of the major health issues among women. 12 per cent of women has already affected by devastating cancer. It is a sort of cancer that breast cancer for women healthsforms within the breast tissues. You should need to know the fact that breast cancer is more common in develop world than developing world. Millions of woman every year die because of they have developed breast cancer and have not diagnosed it in its early stage. If you have breast and if you have recognised it in its early stage then you chances of surviving will dramatically increase. There is a proper cure available for breast cancer but whether the treatment will work or not is entirely depends on the stage of cancer.

Cardiovascular Complications 

Most often people do believe that cardiovascular issues are strongly associated with male but not with female. I think this is a biggest misconception going on among people. True, cardiovascular issues such Cardiovascular Complications in womenas cardiac arrest, angina, coronary artery disease, pulmonary heart disease, congenital heart disease and heart attack more often occur in man but this doesn’t mean that a female can’t receive these health issues. There are millions of cases present where a woman has received death due to cardiovascular issues. So, if you are a woman, what you need to understand is that don’t ignore symptoms such as excessive sweating, nausea, jaw pain, uncomfortable pressure at the center of your chest, shortness of breath and lightheadedness.

Genital Herpes Infection 

Genital Herpes Infection in womenBelieve it or not but it is a true fact that genital herpes is an epidemic that generally influences woman. A research has claimed that about 10 to 20 percent of woman in United States have been going through genital herpes infection and most of them are women. Genital herpes is a highly infectious infection that can easily influence any person at any age. Herpes simplex virus 2 is its main cause. Once herpes virus intrudes in your body it is impossible to get rid of herpes for now.


AIDS stands for Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a very common STD throughout the world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Human immune deficiency virus is the causes of the evolvement of AIDS. Initially a patient with HIV doesn’t experience any sorts of indications or experience general AIDS infection symptoms in womencold or flu. As the disease progresses it interferes in immune system. That gradually kills your body’s ability to fight from even minor infections. As a result the patient can’t be able to fight up from even cold or minor infection.

Issues related to reproductive health 

The other common health issue that a woman typically suffers is reproductive issue. There are numerous health concerns have been associated with the reproductive system such as uterine fibroids, ovarian syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis and many other related issues. The very common cause of evolving reproductive issues is unsafe sex.

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